“I’m shy.”

“I’ve never had my picture taken before.”

“I don’t know how to act in front of the camera.”

These are some of the most common complaints I hear…and 99% of the time, these people produce the most beautiful photos I’ve ever taken. Usually, the folks I capture can’t even believe it’s them in the final photographs. I firmly believe everyone is photogenic, and we all have that special something just waiting to be captured through the lens. It’s my job to find it and bring it to the surface, giving you Insta-worthy snaps you’ll be proud to share with your pals!

I’ll help you feel confident and comfortable, so you’ll have great images to cherish forever.
Whether you want portrait photos for your portfolio, senior photography, or “just because” photos, I hear you. I’m here to make it happen, and I’d be honored to work together. My senior packages start from $200, but I’ll always take your unique needs into account to give you the best price possible. Sure, I need to make a living - but I’m all about passion before profit!

Check out more of my portraits here, and connect to book your first session today.

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