Modeling/Collaboration Request

Are you a model who is looking for TFP or just someone who loves posting a lot of photos? If so I would love for us to work together :) I’m always putting together creative shoots when I’m not busy with weddings or other shoots. I enjoy coming up with cool ideas and staying busy with photoshoots. Depending on amount of interest I may not be able to work with everyone. However, I will make sure I reply to every interested person because I don’t want anyone being ghosted!

Would this be free?

Yes! When I do creative shoots I usually don’t charge. Its more of a fun experience rather than a chance to make money! I always want to help new models get more work or allow someone to experience a photoshoot who has always wanted to do one.

What I look for:

You don’t have to be a model or have thousands of followers for me to work with you! I mostly look for someone who has energy and very photogenic. I love to have fun and cut up during shoots so I enjoy someone who isn’t afraid to be goofy. You also don’t have to have a lot of experience. I’ve noticed the ones who have the most fun are the ones who never even thought about doing any modeling!

Should you send a request?

If you’re someone who keeps up with fashion or creative shoots then I would definitely send a request! Or if you love posting photos on Instagram and want to make a step to posting professional photos then this is for you! However, If you’re just wanting an easy way to get free photos then this isn’t for you. I want people who will love the whole process and have a blast doing the shoot. Just wanting the free shoot falls short of my purpose of doing these shoots.

How these shoots go:

To start off the process we usually go back and forth with ideas: themes, outfits, etc. After all that is figured out it’s time to shoot! For all my shoots I always allow my models to bring friends, family, etc with them. I also always have my wife with me on shoots to help. During the shoot I always give my model free control if she has posing experience or if not I usually help with posing. Shoots are very laid back and never strict on time.

How i send photos:

After the shoot I sort through my photos and edit the ones that reflect my style and overall goal. I then upload all the photos I do edit to an online gallery for you to download. Usually 12+ photos. I don’t typically watermark my photos because I trust my models to tag me in all photos.

How to request a tfp or collaboration?

I’m going to leave a form here for you to fill out that will show me if we would be a good match. You can also email me or reach out to me on social media.


Request Form

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