1) What camera do you use?

A) Canon 5D Mark IV


2) Do you have a contract?

A) Yes. My contract is very simple to understand and protects both of us!


3) Do you offer payment plans?


A) Yes. I do have an upfront deposit for my weddings to reserve the desired date but I wont need the full payment until 2 weeks before the wedding. I know budgets are tight for weddings, so after the deposit is payed, I'm open for any payment plans as long as its paid in full two weeks before the wedding.


4) How far can you travel?


A) I'm open for any location. I never did mind to travel so that's not a problem at all!


5) How does a session usually go?

A) Usually I meet up 15 minutes before a scheduled shoot to break the ice and make sure everyone is comfortable and excited. I usually pick the spots we take pictures at depending on the available light. As far as posing goes I usually do a few poses I like then switch into more natural shots. I’m always open to any ideas my clients want as well. All shoots are very laid back and I make sure no one feels nervous or uncomfortable.


6) What wedding shots do you take?

A) That depends on the number of coverage hours I'm booked. I usually do getting ready shots, detail shots, ceremony, bride&groom portraits, bridal party & family portraits, and reception shots. If booked less than 3-4 hours I will focus on the areas you want covered first.


7) What shoots do you love?

A) My heart is always for weddings because I love to gain friends and extend my family. It means a lot to me when I can impact someone’s life and help make their wedding day go perfect. As for portraits I really love shooting single or couple photo sessions.


8) How long until I receive the photos?

A) Depends on if it's a portrait session or a wedding. Portraits are often delivered in a week or two depending on my other bookings. Smaller projects are often sooner. Weddings are around 2-4 weeks depending on coverage hours. I also like to give the couple time to enjoy the honeymoon and let things settle down before they see the pictures.


9) How do you deliver your photos?

A) I put them on an online gallery for easy downloading. I can also put them on a usb for convenience.


10) What do I wear?

A) When the theme or type is decided, we will work together to plan an outfit. I love using Pinterest and google for ideas! If you have ideas beforehand I'm always open to hear them.


11) What's your editing style?

A) My style is different between weddings & portraits. I do mostly a light and Airy look for both but I give my wedding photos a little more vintage look. I do usually boost colors and do small skin touch ups upon request.


12) Do you offer prints?

A) As of right now I currently don’t. I’m hoping to offer prints shortly. However, I could walk you through many ways to use the digital files to get prints somewhere else.


13) Do I receive all pictures you take?

A) I go through all of the photos and pick out the best photos. Sadly not every photo is perfect. Some will have closed eyes, very blurry, or other issues. I will never give a client a picture that doesn’t meet my standards. With that being said I do give extra photos if I find more perfect photos than the number I promised a client. Example: A client is promised 8 pictures but I really love 12 photos. In this example I would give them all 12 at no extra cost. I will never throw away good images!


14) What rights do I have with the digital photos?

A) You receive “Reproduction Rights” to your photos. This means your allowed to use them for any personal use like on social media or to make prints. You cant use them for any Commercial use, using them to make money, unless we separately agreed on it.


15) Are We a perfect fit?


A) I’m more personal than most photographers. I love to be a part of my client’s life and celebrate with their family during the wedding. It’s my goal for my client to feel special and walk away with a life changing experience. If this sounds amazing, then yes we would be a perfect fit! However, if you want someone to just show up and do pictures then I’m not for you. I strive in building relationships and a community. Unlike other photographers, I don’t mind getting 2am messages about some new wedding decorations you just found or to just tell me how excited you are for your big day!

16) Are there any shoots you don’t offer?

A) Currently, I don’t do newborn, maternity, or family photos. I do know many amazing family photographers that I could recommend :)