Hayley and Devin Wedding (Marion Va)

A few years ago, I worked at the Marion Food City and while I was there I got to work with a lot of good people. One of those good people happened to be Hayley Whitt. She was always on time and a very hard worker and in all honesty I don’t believe I ever heard her say anything negative in general. I remember one day when she was telling all of us about a new boyfriend she just got. His name was Devin and fast forward a couple years and he happened to be just the one made for her. It’s always humbling to capture weddings for all of my brides but this one was very special. I can say I saw their first day together and the first day of their marriage. It’s also amazing because they were actually my first couple I did couple photos for.

A little while after I left the Marion location I got into photography. I was trying to learn all I could and get some practice so I reached out to her after seeing how in love they were. I never would have guessed that just a little over a year later that I would be doing their wedding. So much can happen in a year!

Hayley and Devin already met my wife and I before but I still wanted us all to have dinner together before the big day. We decided on Macados, which was the first time that I didn’t end up eating at Cracker Barrel with my bride and groom. It was still a good decision as we got to eat some really good wings and have many good laughs. Hayley and Devin didn’t seem nervous at all and after saying our goodbyes we headed back home.

Fast forward almost a month and it’s almost the big day. I stopped by the rehearsal to meet a lot of the family and to check out the location. Right off the bat I fell in love with everyone. They were so kind and welcoming. It was also the first time I’ve been inside of Marion Baptist Church. I just knew everything was going to be so pretty the next day.

The wedding day started off with a harsh sun but slowly a few clouds appeared throughout the day. It wasn’t too hot either so they picked a perfect day for their wedding. I started off getting a few detail shots then I headed to get some shots of the bride and bridemaids. I always have a blast with the ladies as they are always so outgoing and hilarious. This group of ladies killed it. They were ready to be in front of the camera and wanted to show off their pretty wedding attire. They raised the bar high for the guys. After I finished with them I headed to the guys and of course they were all sharp and ready for some pictures. They either wanted the best pictures or they just really wanted to have a good time.

After finishing up with the groomsmen I began preparing a spot to do a small blind look as I call it. I basically got Devin to face the other direction around a wall and positioned Hayley on the other side. I just let them talk for a bit and snapped a few pics. It was approaching ceremony time so I got everyone back to their rooms secret service style. The ceremony came and it went perfectly. It was a very emotional ceremony and we were all just so excited to see them both make this big commitment to each other.

After the ceremony I did a few family formals and then we headed to Holston Hills Country Club for the reception. Before they ate we went ahead and did the bride and groom pictures and the whole bridal party pictures. I just have to say this was one of the best bridal parties I have worked with thus far. Everyone was ready to just have some fun and celebrate. We all had many laughs and got to do many fun shots. I’m very excited for everyone to see how much this group killed it!

It was time for everyone to eat so we all headed to the reception. The reception went great and I loved seeing everyone get up and dance. Some receptions are more down to earth but everyone wanted to let loose and enjoy the day. I’m not sure if I laughed more during the “Shoe Game” or watching some of the adults dancing to “The Git Up” song. I just have to say that I really enjoyed spending the day with everyone. I feel like I made a bunch of new friends and grew my family. I pray my photos do justice and show how amazing everyone looked. I wish nothing but the best for Hayley and Devin. I know the Lord will protect them and I’m excited to see them grow old together.