Why I Fell In Love With Wedding Photography

If I had been asked a little over a year ago what I loved, you would not have heard me say Wedding Photography. It proabably would have been eating food or playing video games. In fact I got my first camera a year ago to get back into making videos. I came across a YouTuber who happened to be a photographer while looking for video editing tips. It was the first time that I truly saw photography and how great it was. I thought I would take a few cool pictures every once in a while when I wasn’t making videos. Long story short I was hooked after taking my first few pictures. I thought I might do some jobs on the side but never thought I would do weddings; that was for the really big photographers I told myself. That would soon change as I really fell hard for photography. I started watching photography videos about 4 hours a day and spent money on some video courses. After a few months I was presented with my first wedding opportunity. I almost passed it up but I felt I was really helping the family out and it was going to show me if I could ever do weddings or not. It turned out that I loved every minute of it. Now, after my first year of weddings, I can firmly say that I’m in love with wedding photography. Now let me tell you the 5 reasons why I fell so in love with doing wedding photography.

  • Meeting the wonderful families

One of the biggest reasons is all of the wonderful families I have met. They have been so funny and felt like a part of my family. It’s been so cool to laugh and make jokes with the families and see how they celebrate the Bride & Groom’s special day. I have met some real funny dads that were just as crazy as me, and that is saying something! I have also come across dads who had a very close connection with their daughter. It always brings me to tears seeing all of these good fathers that are out there. I didn’t have a father figure most of my life so it is always so emotional seeing how great these fathers have been. I have seen some of the sweetest mothers as well. Mothers that have reminded me of how strong and loving my mother was when she was raising me. I love everything about meeting these families and hearing how the bride and groom met from all of their friends.

  • Seeing the creativity families put into the wedding

I’m not afraid to say that I don’t have much creativity. With that being said, it’s always so awesome to see how creative the families can be. The decorations always blow me away and I see some things I would have never thought of. I’ve seen some beautiful sunflower wedding cakes all the way to some cute bride themed socks. I also love seeing the wedding themes and color schemes the bride and grooms come up with. I’ve been part of a beauty and a beast theme wedding all the way to a beach theme. It’s very eye catching to see the different color schemes they come up with. I can even say I saw a bag pipe player play while the bride walked down the aisle. Doing these weddings have really allowed me to see how creative and unique people can be. It gives me hope that maybe that creativity will rub off on me one day.

  • Watching the whole process from beginning to end

I love the energy and the atmosphere throughout the whole day of a wedding. You get to see the bride and groom nervous in excitement. Slowly you start to see them realize that this is forever and that they will be together until the end of their lives. During the ceremony when the bride comes out you get to see the joy on the groom’s face. I often see them cry because it’s at that moment it finally sinks in. I also get to see the bride cry and often the father does too as he walks his daughter down the aisle, not quite ready to give her away. I love the whole roller coaster of emotions that fill the day.

  • Hearing the backstory and gaining friends

I always like to go out and eat with them before the wedding just to get to know them and go over plans. Usually we eat at a Cracker Barrel or any other good place nearby. One of my favorite things to ask during our dinner is who made the first move. It’s always so funny to hear the debate. Some girls quickly say the guy did but sometimes that is proven wrong. It’s also unique to hear the first date stories and the proposal story. There hasn’t been one meal yet that we didn’t walk away as close friends. This makes it all the more rewarding when I get to see them say yes to be together forever. I always feel so blessed to see the moment that their forever story begins.

  • Giving them memories & pictures to last forever

The biggest reason hands down that I fell in love with wedding photography is the fact that I get to give the couple something they will always look back on. It brings me joy knowing that when they get older they will bring out the pictures that I took to look back on. It’s gratifying to know that I captured that moment in time for them to look back on. I also make a wedding blog for each couple so I can break down what happened during the wedding and our dinner together. That means I give them pictures and a blog to make sure they can look back at all the pictures and go back in time reading what all took place. My purpose in life is to love people like Jesus does and help others. I know 100% that wedding photography is fulfilling that part of my life. Marriage is a beautiful thing so it’s so rewarding knowing I’m capturing the moments for them as they get to live them.

Thanks so much for reading about how I got into wedding photography and why I fell in love with it. I would love to meet you if you’re planning on getting married. I can never have enough friends and would love to meet your family. Feel free to check out my wedding pictures and if I sound like someone you want to be a part of your family then you can fill out a wedding request.