Why you should do an unplugged wedding!

Due to the crazy amount of rain we have been experiencing for the past couple of months, I have been left stuck inside. Being inside for so long stinks but it also gives us time to think on things. One thing I really want to bring up is I feel like more brides should do unplugged weddings. I know you are thinking, “Cody what in the world are you talking about? Do you mean like nothing is plugged into the walls or something?” Not many people have heard of the term “Unplugged Wedding”, so let me tell you what it is and why you should have one. After you read then you can decide for yourself if it’s something that would make your wedding day more special and intimate.

An unplugged wedding basically means your friends and family have their phones & other electronic devices put away or even turned off during the wedding. If you think about it, having your phone out immediately takes you away from what is going on in front of you. Maybe someone sends you a message and as your replying the bride and groom have a cute moment. You just missed a very special moment all because you decided to reply to a message. Or even worse, the bride and groom are having a very intimate moment but your phone goes off and ruins it. These are things that happen very often and is sad to see. I understand we all like to take pictures with our phones but most bride and groom’s hire photographers to capture their wedding and if not they will let you know.

*Photo submitted by claireharrisphoto.com

As long as the bride and groom trust their photographer to get the shots it isn’t worth the risk of missing a special moment or even ruining a moment. Also believe it or not there has been many great wedding photos taken by photographers that have been ruined by someone either taking photos or just messing on their phones. Nothing is more distracting than seeing a bride and groom looking into each other’s eyes but seeing the bridesmaids or groomsmen all on their phones. That image screams this is boring and not personal at all. Feel free to also google wedding photos ruined by cell phones and take a look at those as well. Thankfully I haven’t seen many photos ruined yet by cell phones but I have had a few ruined and its frustrating. Sometimes it’s an easy fix but often it ruins the picture as a whole.

*Photo submitted by Jessica Duenas Photography

*Photo submitted by Jessica Duenas Photography

Is this making you think a little? How about you consider the pros and cons. The more people with phones technically does mean more photos. However, that may mean less professional photos from your photographer who you are paying. If you do not have a photographer booked then by all means have everyone snap pictures. If you did hire one though, then trust them to do their job and allow your guests to sit back and enjoy your special day with you with no distractions or interruptions. Maybe this is too hard to decide. How about a compromise? What if you have an unplugged ceremony but an electronic friendly reception? During receptions there are many things happening at once so it is very common for a photographer to miss the quick moments. Having family and friends taking pictures or videos during the reception could add more memories for you.

Now that you know what an unplugged wedding is, I just ask that you think about it. Don’t let this be an issue that you don’t consider addressing. Take some information and advice but ultimately make your own decisions. There are definitely good and bad that could come from having electronics present during your wedding day. I’m sure you spent a very long time preparing for your special day and spent so much money so don’t let a pesky cell phone ruin your special day. Also a key point is if a friend or family member has a problem being away from their devices then maybe they value their device more than your day. Even so I wouldn’t let that stop you if you do decide to have an unplugged wedding. If you end up having questions or concerns then feel free to just talk to your photographer about it. Ask them if they have had any experiences of a cell phone ruining a photo they took or disrupting a wedding. Regardless I wish for all the brides or grooms reading this to have an amazing wedding day!