Graduation Photoshoot (Emory&Henry College)

This was a beautiful day for taking pictures. It was a warm and slightly cloudy day, which is perfect for some pictures. Brian and his wife Olivia reached out to me about taking some graduation pictures for them. We met up at the college and saw that Emory was having some sort of big event but we were up for the challenge; even though the place was swarming with college students (lol).

During the photoshoot we did have a few people who were cheering the picture process and wanting their picture taken. It was definitely something we didn't expect. No one was rude thankfully and it didn't take away from the great time we all had. Brian and his wife handled everything great! They weren't shy and were very natural in front of the camera. They didn't let hundreds of crazy college students stop them from showing their love and allowing me to capture some memories.

It was so lively and colorful all around us. We all definitely got our workout for the day as we got to walk for a good while in between locations. Our favorite spot was this barn area near the campus. It was quiet with no one else in sight when we got there. The light was absolutely perfect drawing near to the end of the session. We captured an amazing shot right before the sunset melted away.

Overall it was an amazing time. I saw true love between the two of them. You could really tell they loved each other and were happy taking these pictures together. I want to congratulate them and I cant wait to hear what their family thinks of the graduation invitations!

-1 Peter 4:8 "Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins."

Last picture of the day right before sunset :)

Last picture of the day right before sunset :)