Perfect wedding

7 tips for planning a perfect wedding

Planning a wedding can be stressful. There are many things to remember which makes it very easy for something to slip your mind. I put together these tips to help make sure you get that perfect wedding you deserve:

Wedding Photo


1. Ask for help

This is easily one of the most overlooked tips in planning a wedding. Often brides feel like it's their job to plan everything or they don't want to bother anyone. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Most family and friends would love to help they just don't know how. Instead of having one person do many things you can have a few people do small things. When the wedding comes you want to be able to enjoy everything and not be stressing over every little thing. Marriage is a beautiful, life changing event so don't miss out on enjoying it. You could always hire a wedding planner as well. I know you probably want to save money for the wedding budget but isn't a stress free wedding worth it?

2. Start planning early

You can never start planning a wedding too early. There are a lot of things that need to be done so by starting early you can plan little by little. Doing a few things here and there is less stressful than running yourself to death at the last minute. This also helps you if something falls through because it gives you plenty of time to fix it. Rushing will make you dread the whole process and could create regrets down the road. The best things to start off with is budget and how many guests you want.

3. Perfect lighting for ceremony

There is one thing photographers love and that is light! The reason we love light is because it can make or break photos. I highly suggest hiring a photographer but even if you don't the better the light you have the better those guest pictures will look. Great light with a bad camera is better than horrible light with the best camera. When planning a place for the ceremony make sure it has good lighting especially if it's in doors. If it's outside find a nice lightly shaded place because you also don't want to stare in direct sunlight during the whole ceremony.

4. Save budget on a guest list instead

I know it's easy to save money by not hiring a photographer, hair and make up artist or wedding planner. However, one of the best ways is by focusing on the guest list. If you book a venue they usually charge per person so this can raise the price more than you expect. I also know so many people who spend so much money on invitations to send to people who wouldn't come anyway. Instead of sending everyone an invitation just send the people who have always been there for you both and the ones you know will come. Then use all the money you saved to help you enjoy the wedding process better or for someone to capture your wedding memories.

5. Take time picking bridesmaids and groomsmen

When picking bridesmaids or groomsmen make sure you think carefully on it. You want people who have been there since day one or even siblings. Never pick a new friend or someone in the family you barely see. You will always keep your wedding photos so you don't want to have pictures with someone you may part ways with down the road. When you reflect on the day or even show your kids the pictures you want it to be a heart warming moment.

6. Don't go cheap with a photographer

It's easy to see a cheap price and go with it but we often get what we pay for. It may even sound tempting to just keep photos that the guests will take. However, hiring a photographer can capture moments that the guests wont see and will be more professional. Hiring a photographer can get you getting ready pictures, detail shots, ceremony, reception, family portraits, and etc. They have an eye for stuff they know that you cherish or will want to look back on down the road. Uncle Joe just snaps a few pictures and is ready to go eat at the reception, that doesn't cut it lol. When looking for prices also check out the photographer's work. You want to make sure their style fits what you like. Also make sure you hire a friendly photographer who interacts and becomes like part of the family. Don't hire that person who just keeps quite and ignores everyone. Hire someone who cares about the details and will celebrate with you on your special day! When hiring a photographer you want to receive an experience not just photos. Also scheduling an engagement session can help you get to know them better and makes everyone more comfortable. It also helps you get out of a situation if they are rude or unprofessional.

7. Look good but don't over do it

We all want to look good especially if it is a special day to us. However, we shouldn't go on a stressful diet or do anything that will cause us to dread the days leading to the wedding. Brides don't forget the groom wants to marry you how you are. Guys there is no need to workout at the gym everyday trying to look good for the bride either lol. Another good tip is to think on hiring a hair and makeup artist. They aren't too expensive and know how to make you look your best. It also just lets you relax and just take everything in . If you do your own makeup don't go overboard. Also stay away from instant tans or etc. We all want to look good but don't do anything drastic that may ruin things for you. Just be comfortable in who you are and know you're already beautiful. My favorite saying is don't fix what isn't broken.

*Bonus tip

Don't get a haircut or spend too much time in the sun close to the wedding date. We have all had bad haircuts so you never know when one might come and surprise you. Also too much time in the sun can give you random or embarrassing tan lines. Imagine wedding photos with two huge white circles around your eyes because you wore sunglasses at the lake all day the week of your wedding.