Hungry Mother State Park

Kyla and Luis Wedding (Hungry Mother State Park)

Kyla and Luis had their wedding at the Hemlock Haven Conference Center in Marion Va. The conference center is located inside of Hungry Mother Park. It was very beautiful and perfect for a small and intimate wedding. Hurricane Florence was on its way but you couldn’t even tell Saturday. The weather was cloudy but so peaceful and it felt great. It wasn’t too hot or cold and the wind also wasn’t too bad at all.

I was on my computer Friday evening when I noticed Kyla needed a last minute photographer for her wedding. I then noticed the wedding venue was only a minute away from my house. I didn’t have any major plans for the day so I wanted to help them out. After talking I realized that everything happened for a reason and that things would soon fall into place. I’ve always been a firm believer that “All things work together for good to those who love God.” Romans 8:28. This was no exception.

The bridal party was full of energy and a pleasure to be around. Everyone was friendly and easy going. I was shocked when I heard how many of the bridal party worked at Food City. Kyla was a cashier and Luis was a bagger. I thought it was very cool that a cashier married her bagger. Kristen, one of her bridesmaids, was telling me that she and Luis often fought to be Kyla’s bagger when she worked at Food City. Apparently she met Kyla when she worked there and they quickly became best friends. We finished the Bridal Party pictures with a cool bubble exit photo. That was the first time I tried an exit shot and it was so magical to see.

Overall the day went so smooth and everything went according to plan. I was so humbled to be a part of the day. It’s crazy how blessings can come at any time. I also highly recommend The Hemlock Haven Conference Center inside of Hungry Mother for anyone wanting a small but very intimate wedding. I want to thank Kyla and Luis for allowing me to capture memories for them. Also thanks to their friends and family for kicking back and making this an enjoyable experience.


Hemlock Haven Conference Center


380 Hemlock Haven Lane

Marion, VA 24354