Surprise Proposal (Casey&Carrie)

I was blessed with the opportunity to see two friends get engaged yesterday! Casey reached out to me to capture the moment he proposed to Carrie. We plotted and came up with the perfect plan. Sarah, Carrie’s sister, and I had Carrie believe I wanted to do a fun sister photoshoot. We then had the rest of the family show up later. The choice of location was at Hungry Mother State Park in Marion Va. I got there early to talk to Casey and prepare things. I then ran back to meet Carrie, Sarah, and her mom Kim.

I took a few photos of Carrie and Sarah then we sprinkled in photos with her mom and etc. It was getting close to 7pm which is when I told Casey we would be walking over the bridge towards him. On our way I stopped a few places to snap more photos. I really wanted to make it seem like a normal photoshoot session. Little did she know she was about to get asked a very important question. As we crossed the bridge Casey started playing his guitar and started to sing as we all approached him on the stage. The rest of the family were sitting down enjoying the show.

After Casey finished singing, his dad Garry walked her to meet him on the stage. Casey choked up immediately lol. They both teared up as Casey began his emotional speech. After he finished he dropped down to one knee and popped the important question. Carrie said yes and we all celebrated. Everyone just spent time with each other and there was many laughs and smiles. I took Casey and Carrie to the side for a few photos together then the family went out to celebrate.

I was very blessed to witness this moment in their life. I’m excited to watch them start forever together and seek the Lord.