Night Shoot on Main Street, Marion Va (Ashlynn)

I’ve been friends with Ashlynn for a few months now. I’ve always enjoyed seeing her inspirational posts so I was excited when I knew I was going to get to work with her. We discussed some themes and we both really fell in love with a “Shine your Light” theme. I’ve always wanted to do a photoshoot with some fairy lights so I knew this would fit the theme perfectly. We had planned our shoot for Saturday evening and just prayed that it wouldn’t rain. We were both highly excited and kept checking the weather all week leading up to the day.

Saturday came and thankfully it cleared up just a few hours before our shoot. It was starting to look like a nice day with a little wind. We met behind Macados on Main Street in Marion Va. As we talked and got to know each other more we realized it had started to get really cold. We were going over ideas and plans while we waited for it to get a little darker and for all the main street lights to come on. After about 30 minutes or so, Iron Street’s lights finally turned on so we could start.

We knew it was going to be a good night after we nailed some amazing pictures right off the start. After a few photos I asked her to wear some glasses that way it could get a reflection of the lights in her glasses. After 45 minutes of shooting we got really cold to the point that we could barely feel our fingers! So we took refuge in a local fudge shop to warm up for 30 minutes. While we were there I got to see the famous town cat, Mr. Pickles. If you live in Marion you have probably seen him. He is a very sweet cat that hangs around Main Street, so if you happen to see him be sure to give him a pet. After chatting with a couple of the employees we decided to go back out into the miserable cold lol.

We took a few more pictures on Iron Street then I mentioned taking some pictures near the stores. I noticed a lot of the stores had Christmas lights and beautiful decorations in the windows. I knew this would be a good background and this would give us good lighting. After a few shots in front of some stores I saw a bench right beside the Lincoln Theater that had very good light plus the shops behind it were also lit up. As we were taking pictures people started to get very curious especially those driving down Main Street. I guess they haven’t seen a lady wrapped in lights getting her picture taken before lol. Three police vehicles pulled up and at first I was worried maybe someone had a complaint but we were making sure to let people by and etc. Turns out they were there to help people cross the street for the Lincoln Theater Christmas show that was about to start.

It was getting a little busy so I decided to go to an alley so we could do some shots with sparklers. Sadly it was just too windy for matches so we couldn’t get them lit. We were a little bummed but knew we had some great shots. We decided to head home until we were stopped by a man on the street. He told us that he had some free tickets because his kids couldn’t make it to the show. I really didn’t want to watch it but he begged us saying if we don’t that he will just have to throw them away. I really hate Christmas music with a passion but I figured why not. I thought to myself, “man…God has a sense of humor lol. We put our stuff back in our cars and went in to watch the Christmas show.

After one long hour of Christmas music it was finally over. In all honesty it wasn’t too bad. I learned a lot about some of the back stories of the songs. I also got to hear some Christian based songs. After this long night of taking photos and watching some music I felt like Ashlynn and I had known each other for years lol. It seemed we really got to share our whole life stories throughout the night. It was so awesome to hear how she found Jesus and how she is spreading the gospel. I’m very excited to see where God takes her. She had told me that she feels He is now leading her back to Boise, Idaho. It’s going to be sad to see her go but I was very blessed to meet her in person before she leaves in February. We really wanted to capture some video of the shoot and create something that sparks change. After you flip through the pictures check out our video. It’s an inspirational video about being yourself and letting Christ’s light shine through you. Ashlynn also writes inspirational blogs. Feel free to check them out here :)