Maternity Shoot (Hungry Mother Park)

March 4th 2018

This shoot was so fun and the couple was a blast! We talked about what they were most excited for when the baby comes and how excited the family was. There were many funny moments that happened during the photoshoot that I will always remember. I told Charles to whisper something funny in Kellie's ear and she busted out laughing. I'm not sure what he said and I'm too afraid to ask, haha! It was a very windy day but still a great day for all of us. Also I will remember getting in my workout for the day because we had to move a heavy picnic table.

It was a great time for my first maternity session! The couple made my job very easy. At times I just sat back and let them do their thing, because they were so natural. I'm hoping to get pictures of the baby once he is born. I'm sure he will be just as sweet and loving as the parents. :)