Sugar Hollow Park Bristol Va (Celeste Sexton)

I have fallen in love with Sugar Hollow Park in Bristol Va. I have always wanted to do a shoot at the Black Forest Trail. I was super excited to meet up with Celeste and her mom for this shoot! The day wasn’t too cold yet so we wanted to enjoy the day before the weather turned cold. It was about a 15 minute walk to our spot but it was so worth the pain lol.

When I found a good spot we took a short rest and then got straight into it. I have to thank my wife who held a reflector for me and for Celeste’s mom who also was very helpful! Without them I couldn’t have created such beautiful pictures. Celeste was so full of energy and ready to knock it out of the park. After I took a bunch of pictures, I got prepared to do some video. Modeling is something Celeste is really into so I wanted to create a short video that showed off her bubbly personality and something that she felt expressed herself. After that we packed everything and prepared for the long walk back.

Right before we got to our vehicles we found a huge pile of leaves. I really wanted some cute photos incorporating the leaves, so we stopped and took a few photos and I shot a clip of her throwing them. Thankfully the ground wasn’t wet either so we got to take many different shots. We had so much fun but sadly it was time to leave. I’m really blessed to have crossed paths with Celeste and her mom. I really love how sweet and caring they are and it’s a blessing to call them friends. Before I post the pictures and video I wanted to ask Celeste some questions and give her a chance to tell more about herself.

What are some hobbies that you really love?

A) "Volleyball and dancing."

What do you love about those hobbies?

A) "It gets things off of my mind and I feel it expresses who I am."

What’s one thing you want others to know about you?

A) "That I put friends before myself."

Who is one role model that has been a great influence in your life?

A) "My Mother. She has made me who I am and has taught me from right and wrong."

What do you want to accomplish after you get out of school?

A) "I’d like to to go to Walter state for two years then do online classes. Not sure what I want to study in college yet."

What’s some advice you want to give to others who are younger than you?

A) "To be yourself and don’t let others change you. Don’t let peer pressure get the best of you. Also, you don’t have to have a girl friend or a boyfriend to be happy. Have fun in school with friends and make the best of it. Don’t let others get to you because when they do that they are usually jealous. If you ever need help it’s best to talk about it with someone and don’t keep it to yourself. Be you and be proud of who you are. If you don’t feel loved just know God always has and always will love you and will be there through every step. He is the only one who will never leave you and will be in your life to help you, if you let Him."