Anna and Ethan Wedding (Lebanon Va)

I was tagged in a post a few months back regarding a couple needing a photographer for their wedding. I will be forever grateful that I was tagged in it. It has been an amazing journey with the two of them. After the first few messages we decided to go to Cracker Barrel to eat some good food and discuss all the details. It turned out to be a very fun double date as well!

Ethan and I thought the chicken and dumplings were amazing as usual. Anna unsure of what to order took a leap of faith and got the Lemon Pepper Chicken. I asked them a few questions to get to know them as a couple better. When I asked who made the first move Anna quickly said that Ethan did. However, she would quickly change her story lol. They agreed that it was Anna that made the first move and they told me about their amazing first date. Ethan said he knew right away she was the one after he saw how much she loved animals. While on their first date, at around 2am, they came across an injured deer in the backwoods. Anna wanted to stay with it until they called someone to come help. Ethan and I agreed that a woman who loves animals is often wife material. As the date was ending and we were parting ways, I knew I had just met a couple who I would enjoy working with.

The wedding day started off very hot and I hardly saw any clouds in the sky. I met Ethan's father Jeff at the reception while taking some detail shots. Let me tell you he is a character! He was also very charismatic. I knew right then and there that I was going to have a blast all day. After some detail shots of the reception I went to take some shots of Ethan and Anna. I caught an amazing moment between Anna and her mother. They had a personal moment as I was getting ready to take some pictures. It was very beautiful and reminded me of the great connection me and my mother have. It took everything I had to not cry with them.

The ceremony went very smooth and was so sweet. This was the first time I've seen a unity sand ceremony and I loved it. I loved what it represented and the beautiful colors. After the ceremony we stepped outside to do the Bride and Groom pictures. Ethan and Anna looked so adorable together and were radiating happiness. We got so many beautiful shots and Anna had a few funny ideas. After we finished getting all of the photos we wanted we rounded up the bridal party and the families for their formal photos. Let me tell you this Bridal Party was one of the best I've ever seen. No one dreaded the photos and everyone was so full of energy. We all had a blast. However, I was upset when I found out most of them haven't seen the show Friends! How can you not watch Friends lol! We all cut up with each other and got some really good photos, it was a win-win for everyone.

It was time for the reception so we headed that way to get some food and do a little dancing. This father and daughter dance was one of the most emotional moments I've seen in a while. David (Anna's Father) and Anna both cried. It was so sweet to witness this moment between father and daughter. It's really awesome to see that there are still fathers out there who really care and are not afraid to cry. After the dance they did a few speeches and Anna gave a very sweet speech to Ethan. She talked about how he was there for her and showed her what love truly was. Her speech was enough for Ethan to cry and she was ecstatic to finally see him cry lol.

This wedding and ceremony was one of a kind. I really enjoyed spending the day with Anna and Ethan along with their family. Their family was very kind and exciting to be around. The decorations were so beautiful and really matched the beach theme they were going for. I'm so blessed to have gained more friends and to have spent my time with such a loving family. Thanks for making this one of my most enjoyable weddings that I have took pictures of thus far. I pray that you both keep loving each other as Jesus loves us. Be quick to forgive and quick to love.