My name is Cody McCracken. I'm a self taught photographer located in Marion, Virginia. I specialize in weddings and portraits. I strive in building relationships with my clients and giving them more than just “great photos.” I’m more personal than others photographers. I love to meet and learn about my client’s lives and celebrate the wedding with them. I refuse to be just a "Transaction Photographer." A Transaction Photographer is someone who is paid to show up and take pictures without much or any communication beforehand. I love seeing the small details the brides are preparing for the wedding. I enjoy getting those late night messages from my clients who just want to say how excited they are for their wedding or to show off some cute arrangements they just got. I plan on building a community and relationships that last until my last day on Earth.

I enjoy blogging my wedding days. I usually have a blog on my site a week or less after every wedding. I feel just showing pictures doesn’t do my client justice. My clients deserve to have their story told. My passion in life is helping people and showing people Jesus. I feel that my photography can do that by serving and focusing on them. I want my clients to look back and say "he changed everything for me" or "he did more than I could have ever imagined!" I want to enjoy the memories with my clients. I'm driven to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. No matter if that means dancing with everyone during wedding receptions or acting silly to get everyone laughing. If you would like to get a quote for your wedding or other photo needs, visit my Book Me page. I also have a FAQ page that may answer some of your questions!